Hope Connors

An interior designer from Denver, Colorado. When she became chemically sensitive in 1999 she recreated her interior design to include healthy, sustainable living systems. Available to design and create healthy interiors using sustainable products.

Green Products for Denver Green Homes

Sustainable businesses celebrate what’s working in their community and its inhabitants. They collaborate with and help promote other truly environmentally friendly companies. Green Home Denver will be creating a resource room or library of products to touch, see, smell and experience for your living space in the Denver community. We will promote local sustainable businesses that sell, install, build, create and design these products and spaces. These individuals are walking the greening talk and provide the cutting edge of thinking and living by minimally impacting our environment. We will help you green your home and learn to minimize waste by celebrating what’s working in your lives.

Green Building Exam

I just sat for my  Green Advantage® residential certification exam this week.

[T]he green building Environmental Certification program that brings consumers together with certified building practitioners who have proven knowledge about green building techniques and approaches.

Established with grant funding from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and, The Nature Conservancy, Green Advantage® was developed in collaboration with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), and the University of Florida.  (About Green Advantage)